Refrigerator Oatmeal -- 8 new flavors of this popular no-cook, make-ahead, grab-and-go breakfast. Can't wait to try these!

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8 More Refrigerator Oatmeal flavors - Muesli, summer porridge, and refrigerator oatmeal are all names for this popular make-ahead, no-cook, healthy grab-and-go mason jar breakfast.

Four Healthy Breakfast Options at BC | Her Campus BC

Four Healthy Breakfast Options at BC

tribute to oatmeal. i came across this last week as my grandmother told me to eat oatmeal while breastfeeding. so many awesome oatmeal ideas. i made an oatmeal smoothie today and it was DIVINE. heaven in a bowl.

Microwave Peanut Butter and Jelly Oatmeal in a Mug- A healthy way to start your day. Make them up the night before and have hot breakfast in minutes

Blueberry Pancake in a Mug - Back to School Microwave Breakfast

Top 5 Microwave Mug Breakfasts for Back to School: Sweet & Savory Recipes - Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

♔ coffee-café-caffè-Kaffee

Coffee Shop Oatmeal, makes one serving. cup quick cooking oats cup mixed nuts (pecans, sunflower seeds, chia seeds) teaspoon cinnamon 1 tablespoon sugar, brown sugar or honey + cup milk steamed milk

Oatmeal Cookie Overnight Oats- easily made vegan and gluten free.  Blend any leftovers to add to a smoothie

Oatmeal Cookie Overnight Oats

Overnight chia oatmeal ---many flavors!

Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal

Overnight Oatmeal INGREDIENTS 1 container oz) Greek yogurt, any flavor ¼ cup uncooked old-fashioned or quick-cooking oats ¼ cup fruit (see ideas below) Instructions: In container with tight-fitting cover, mix yogurt and uncooked oats. Stir in.

29 healthy oatmeal recipes, to add excitement to your daily breakfast routine: @choccoveredkt

Crazy Oatmeal Recipes -- inlcudes baked oatmeal, chocolate oatmeal, and snickerdoodle oatmeal, among others. Irwin -more oatmeal ideas!