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The best Yarn Bombing ever

OK, I know this isn't practical - I just thought it was funny . Yarn bomb a turtle. crochet cozy for a turtle. Look at Kim's new sweater lol

Lol crocheted turtle cozies

Crocheted Tortoise Cozies

Tortoise or Turtle Cozy, S, lavendar with red speckles crocheted, inch shell

As a child my best babysitter was Woof, a Newfoundland mix, and then Bo & Zelda, purebred Newfs. I 100% intend on having a giant breed dog (or twelve) to care for my future children.

How to Hug a Baby; babies and doggies are so sweet together!

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32 Pictures That Will Make You Say Awwwwwwww

amazing Bear and teddy bear. the ears on this black bear cub! This picture is the happiest picture .

Perros gigantes.

Humongous Dogs… I want an Irish Wolfhound or Great Dane soooooo bad, they are wonderful dogs.

Tortoise Cozies

Shark fin tortoise turtle cozy - made to order in any color from MossyTortoise on Etsy

Bus stop yarn bomb hat

Lanas en la ciudad VIII

now thats what I call a bobble hat bus stop for ramblers no doubt . Bus stop yarn bomb art hat. Must have taken a looong time to knit!


This woman makes tortoise cozies.let that sink in. a fucking COZIE for your tortoise?) NEW Deluxe Rose tortoise yard finder made to by MossyTortoise

Goin' to the market.

"Dont mind me - just shopping for some rabbit food. For eating with my bunny teeth." I thought this picture/quote was too cute - all credit to the website 'Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth'