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Another mask like a boss

5 kage summit - no mask allowed, but the Aburame guy still wears one :))) anime logic

Don't mind me, I'm just reading my porn novel spinning Chinese star's.  Lools Kakashi Sensei ♡    Celina Sloan

Kakashi Hatake again. He can read his book, and train Naruto at the same time.

So fucking true at the time

Wait, wait hit those breaks! *SCREECH* When did this happen? (is it weird that I can totally see Kakashi's smile in my head?


Lineart and colored by Dennis © Masashi Kishimoto Look at our galleries: Naruto - linearts Naruto - renders Naruto - scans Anime - linearts Anime - colored 

<3__<3  LMAO! could not be any more true!

And with these ingredients professor utonium created the perfect man and thus Kakashi was born

How can someone be so hot

Kakashi overload but cmon, who doesn't love seeing a lot of Kakashi >The fact that Kakashi can go from super intimidating to giant friendly teddy bear in 2 seconds is great.

Haha :)) Look at Naruto's face!! It's priceless!!! Sakura is such a badass B-)

So give Naruto a crazy pierced guy, a bleeding eye crazy avenger, and a furry fox demon. He can take them no problem, but give him an angry Sakura and.