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If you didn't sing this then you are doing something wrong

God bless this picture! I needed this today! >>> We're watching The Sound of Music in my choir class, and when I saw this I just started singing it out loud.

Steven universe,фэндомы,SU art,SU Персонажи,Amethyst (SU),Peridot,Malachite,Yellow Diamond

Tbh im hoping peri gets cracked it'll be very tense and of course steven will fix her and stuff but yeah

samueldeats:  Steven Universe is one of my favorite shows...

samueldeats: Steven Universe is one of my...

samueldeats: “ Steven Universe is one of my favorite shows currently running; I couldn’t help but to do some fan animation for it! If the GIF above gives you any trouble, you can watch a video up.

"It reminded me of you, Pearl." ||| Pearl, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst ||| Steven Universe Fan Art

It's so cute rose gave that to Pearl idk why but this comic just makes me feel really happy 😊😊☺️

The Gems and their Pokemon! I love how they portray their personalities and their capabilities are similar to these Pokemon. Manaphy perfectly fits Lapis, like how they just want to go home and Arcanine reminds me of Lion.

The Crystal Gems Want to be the Very Best

Steven Universe Peridot as a cat

The bag thing happened to my cat once. He treys running to get it off but it made more noise and scared him.