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Arte y Conceptos Fantasía-RPG

세 계 정 복 :sijuku : 네이버 블로그

The Eastern Royal Knight, Ho Yi. wielding a ningata in the name of his lordship.

Caballero oscuro

I like the idea of heavy armour with a dark hood, but it could reduce the overall character's design as you couldn't see the character. The idea of using some sort of lightning and a shield is quite interesting.


Mynéah - male paladin/cleric/fighter ---- King Trinian (Torin's father) [at least the armor, the head looks disproportionate]


ArtStation - Character 3, Milan Nikolic

Mynéah - Male Warrior from Conquer Online ----- I like the faces in the shield and armor, but the full suit makes it look more like one of Torin's soldiers/guards - maybe El's men after they join with Torin

Conquer Online art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

A rather rogue-looking ranger equipped with some heavy-duty leather and plate armor and lots of gear and accessories, with a huge crossbow