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That's a pretty bad thing considering that I have my matriculation examinations coming... HELP

Even though I've done this, I am so thankful for going to school. Especially as a girl in the western world.

...and that's who i am

I don't know how many times a day I say these things! It's insane but it's a mental thing. I can't stop.

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I feel like people don't understand my humour or my sarcasm so they judge me and think im annoying and try to ignore me as best they can. and Im fine with that. but sometimes I feel like maybe I wish I was like everyone else so everyone can like me. but I know that not everyone in this world are going to love me and im okay with that

in some instances, i would much rather abstain from sharing my point of view, because i feel like i would be interfering. people would see me as an annoying pest.

HAHAHAHAHA i will never be normal! Im weird and i'm happy that way

my favorite things in life our my friends, starbucks coffee, and the beach! Remember to always live life to the fullest! It is always funner that way!

when something is just sooo FRIGGIN' HYSTERICAL and not even the least bit plausible in real LIFE!! hahahaaaaaa

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