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Hey if your having a bad day.. Here is fetus pics of 5sos

This fandom officially freaked me out. And now we all know we're Michael's love of food is from ❤️❤️

*dies*>>> even though It was a long time ago still -cries and dies-

*dies*>>> even though It was a long time ago still -cries and dies->>>*dies in punk rock*

ву: νσℓℓєувαℓℓ вєαυту♛  ↠ {VolleyballBeaut}↞

I feel like Luke isn't the only one with the Cute Factor and definitely not the only one with talent. Also, Luke is so much more than a hot guy with a good voice.


Ahahahahaha XD oh Calum, as Ashton would say "raunchy much"

I'm so proud just 3 years

27 Times Melted Fangirls' Hearts At The Billboard Music Awards. They sure have grown up a lot in the past 3 years

OMGGGG............I love this.....except him getting hurt....but its still funny:)

Imagine: Luke is trying to impress u with his basketball skills. He yells at Calum to pass him the ball and it hits his face. U laugh and take him back to his place to get ice for his face.

Who knows how to make manips or like photoshop people in a pic???

How Do I Breathe While Looking at Lucas Hemmings in Glasses?

♡Michael♡< HE WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT ME AND THAT KISS HIT ME RIGHT IN THE HEART *twitches on floor and dies*

5 seconds of summer and michael clifford GIF on We Heart It

AHHHHHHHHHH im melting.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to 5 Seconds of Summer for creating such an amazing album and for working so hard on it for us. I love it so much and all of the songs are absolutely perfect. Thank you for loving us so much.