Important things that should not have been left out from the Harry Potter movies. - They also forgot about Peeves the Poltergeist! And the dementors in the seventh movie

The Stars, Part 1 by Alatariel-Amandil

part But it won't make much sense without the first part . PART ONE--> the scene is inspired by The Road to El Dorado my favourite movie EVERRR! Look at the clip at .

This will always be my childhood - Imgur

This will always be my childhood

31 Unbelievable Facts That Make the Harry Potter Movies Even More Magical. I haven't come across an article with new Harry Potter facts in a long time, I'm so proud to call this a pin in my collection.

Someone Has To Make This Movie. I'm fangirling so hard right now

Someone Has To Make This Movie

Someone has to make this Harry Potter prequel<<<i like some of these actors playing the parts but others i can't agree with, however i do think Karen Gillan as Lily is a bloody brilliant idea>>>> I don't care who plays them just give me the movie!