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Nagisa and Hotaru (chap 180.1)

Read Nagisa from the story Solo tu by Akabane-Haru (Haru-Chi Akabane) with reads.

Akabane Karma/Nagisa Shiota | VK

Read Nagisa crossdressing fashion show. from the story Random books by myotpisabsolute (Anime is life) with reads.

assassination classroom and karmagisa image on We Heart It

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// Oh my gosh have any of you seen the real video of the racoon who's eating cotton candy and trys to wash it and it disappears, it's funny but so sad, I felt so bad the the little guy!

Akabane Karma/Shiota Nagisa

Akabane Karma/Shiota Nagisa

Nagisa in a dress, cutest thing ever he so looks like a girl! I actually thought that he was a girl at the start of the series, I can't believe that they actually convinced him to wear a dress though XD

Poor Nagisa he had to dress up like a girl. Just watched this episode. If you like fighting/assassin anime this is a must watch.