love the feel - the playfulness - could see 'swinging on a cloud' somehow in the logo.

Surreal photography

I love how the butterfly wings add a wimsical effect to these two people who probably feel like they're flying. I also like the pop of color the wings add while the rest is in black and white.


Mathilde Aubier and Christine Delaquaize ( Ma + Chr ) Creative Design Studio…

The bikini reinterpreted through #collage #artsyfartsy

inspiration for final project elements! graphics collage photography exploring not only graphics and photography together but making the image stand out with collage . Hannah Hock :another artist that uses collage in her work.

feelings culturainquieta6

This example of photomontage is interesting because it combines a mountain range with a vintage photo of a little boy with whipped cream. It is a light hearted image and pairs well with the light nature of the whipped cream.

Calles con ángulos de noventa grados, playas dentro de estadios, bosques imposibles y otras imágenes surrealistas son las que presenta Jati Putra.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

The imagination can be a powerful and compelling force. Indonesian based graphic designer Jati Putra uses digital photo manipulation techniques to turn his creative vision into two dimension realities. The results are dramatic and utterly striking!