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This child is the head of her househould.  At 11 she cooks and provides everything a mother in Africa provides for their children. for her brothers and sisters.

The death of a mother in childbirth affects her children's health. They are more likely to die young, less likely to attend school, and more prone to be caught in a cycle of poverty. The life of a mother matters.

Free ride

allakinwande: “ A women carrying baby in a village with traditional dress: Senegal ”

aww making sadza :) Makes me miss Zim.. but what doesnt?

"I hope this is an inspiration to women" Captain Irene Koki Mutungi of

Burkina Faso | "African Coke Dispenser" by Sune Wendelboe

Proud woman carrying soft drinks - Ghana

Probably cooking sadza

Botswana women cooking some traditional food during the "Patlo", traditional Botswana wedding. View On Black © 2006 Antonio Esposito