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Its sooo complicated and difficult. To be honest

I just want a vise on my head to squeeze it all out . or just to be held quietly .

Sorry for the language, though !

's bury things deep down inside for the sake of keeping their composure and not punching the shit out of you

Ik zweer t!! Die zodiac city op insta, zit er constant gruwelijk dichtbij!!! En volgens mij bij elk sterrenbeeld

Last one is my biggest fear. Middle one makes me anxious and panicky

Absolutely! If they can't make me laugh it's over before it starts

There is more to this world that can be experienced with the senses. Law of Attraction is one such thing. You can't explain the flow of energy just by observing. You must FEEL your way to it

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Don't think I'm not watching. I notice more than you think, even when you think you are good at hiding things. Exactly the way I am

The perfect Aries woman is a mix of teacher, wonder woman, and a porn star.

"The perfect Aries woman is a mix of a teacher, wonder woman and a porn star." *I like the "Porn Star" part - only with the one you love, of course. sorry fellas.

Aries. Yep strong caring loyal men only ♡

Yep strong caring loyal men only ❤️ I do not nor ever had time for a week little boys. I need a real, strong man that knows how to carry my heart. Most boyish men can't even carry their own.

Virgo....Don't Make Them Feel: ....unappreciated, and this is in any form. They can doubt themselves when they begin to feel this way. ....like you're invading their space. Virgos are private people and will share what they want you to know. Prying is not something they are fond of.

Making me feel unappreciated after i do so much is the biggest slap across the face. When someone someone is trying to invade my space or personal life i'm like a calm, I shut tighter the harder you pry