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Beautiful Whiskers~ Black cat so cute. I like the whiskers. Black cats are awesome.

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"A cat does not want all the world to love her--only those she has chosen to love." --Helen Thomson This is so me. probably why I am a cat person and can't stand dogs

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Love those eyes! Black cats with blue eyes are awesome. Blue Is The Night by Joachim G Pinkawa Looks like that cat has green eyes to me

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Black Cat Inspiration Picture for when your black art paper arrives

Mister Moustaches  I could not choose between the color version or the b&w

Mister Moustaches I could not choose between the color version or the b&w

gatos negros

In some parts of the world, black cats are regarded as a symbol of good luck. Even it is seen that people of these places gift black cat to their close ones.

Shedding is a cat’s natural process of losing dead hair. Outdoor cats may lose more hair in the spring and fall and retain more fur in the winter, while indoor cats can shed all year round. Regularly grooming your cat and vacuuming hair from your house should minimize the inconvenience of shedding.

Shedding in Cats

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by Jan Igaard - Amazing photo of cat drinking water from the faucet

Black n blue

Adorable blue eye black kitty in snow. I love this picture, i have never seen a blue eyed black cat before.

Beautiful eh?

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