Artist Walther Firle (1859–1929) Description Deutsch: Spannende Lektüre Date by 1929 Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 66,5 x 50 cm Inscriptions signiert Walter Firle

"Another Reading Lesson: A Good Picture Book," by Walter Firle. Firle was a painter from Germany.

Walter Firle  1859-1929  "The Fairytale - Three Reading Girls"  I have always loved this print - Reminds me of me and my sisters

Walter Firle "The Fairytale - Three Reading Girls" I have always loved this print, reminded me of my three girls and I always wanted it. Now instead maybe I'll get it thinking of my three granddaughters who seem on their way to loving books.

George Harcourt  born October 11, 1868 in Dumbarton (Scotland), UK died September 30, 1947 (78) in Hertfordshire, UK

George Harcourt (English, Oil on canvas. As the younger sister gazes out, holding the next story to be read and with her foot on a stack of other well-read tales,.

Alfred Émile Léopold Stevens (Belgian painter, 1823- 1906).

Young Woman Reading by Alfred Émile Léopold Stevens May 1823 – 24 August was a Belgian painter.

Reading Girls - Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky

Reading Girls Artist: Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky Style: Impressionism Genre: genre painting Tags: reading-and-writing Interaction A.

Christian Krohg - Little Eber Reading

~Marcel Proust (Little Eber Reading CHRISTIAN KROHG c. 1925 NORWEGIAN) “There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those spent with a favorite book.

Tea Party, 1912, by Harold Harvey (1874 - 1941) , not  by Mary Cassatt, a painting Cassatt's Sisters.

'The Tea Party' Harold Harvey - Artists - Penlee House Gallery and Museum Penzance Cornwall UK