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Love the outdoors and create an extravagant campfire - completely from scratch! This beautiful campfire will transform any garden into a outdoor space that visually embraces nature and all it has to offer!

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Vintage Hiking Tee

find adventure, explore more, hiking, backpacking. Hiking season is right around the corner

Trabajar un verano en un campamento de Estados Unidos

An entry from Maja

Above the clouds - Camp 3 view from Ama Dablam South West ridge route, Himalaya, Nepal Photo by : Luca Febbraio

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Minnesota has lots of gorgeous area that are perfect for outdoor camping. However, you might find it hard to pick the ideal spot to camp in given that there are so many choices. Here are 4 excellent places to go outdoor camping in Minnesota that you.

The beauty of winter camping. Thanks to fieldguidetobirds.

Mountains and camping. My opinion of winter camping: fun at night, feels like death in the morning, haha

Gwen is having alone time. She woke up early. She couldn't sleep that night. She grabs the guitar and walks to the meadow. She is playing the guitar and watches the sun come up and then Peter walks up.

Field of grass during golden hour with girl playing guitar Love the photo, very cool set up photography.

there's a race of men that don't fit in, a race that can't stay still. so they break the hearts of kith & kin, & roam the world at will

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