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With Jack Daniel’s Whiskey-Filled Chocolate Bars & Truffles, chocoholic gets a new meaning. These Jack Daniels-branded whiskey-filled chocolates are m

Jack Daniels Chocolate Bar

Jack Daniels Liqueur Chocolate Bar Your favorite spirit, wrapped with delicious swiss milk chocolate. Made by Goldkenn oz bar

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Dr Pepper and Jack Daniel's cupcake It's like my two most favorite things in the universe have finally come together. Another great way to get the best of both worlds while staying loyal to your favorite drink.

3-Ingredient Jack Daniels™ Fudge. A shot of Jack Daniels™ whiskey, delivered inside delicious chocolate fudge. With only three ingredients, Jack Daniels™ whiskey, chocolate chips, and confectioner's sugar, this fudge is seriously easy. Perfect for giving as a gift or eating the whole pan yourself. Is that just us? Whoops...

Copycat Jack Daniel's™ Fudge

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Chocolate Mousse

Craving some silky chocolate mousse, possibly with a hint of whiskey? Here's a Jack Daniel's Whiskey Chocolate Mousse Recipe from Sweet Society