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Mochi america would rage on germany 10 no questions asked

Isn't America the melting pot of all nationalities and wouldn't that mean he understands most of the countries?

XD this is great this needs to happen<<what about America with no official language or would he speak native american

gosh diddly>>>what is this I'm seeing it everywhere????<<<omg XD

gosh diddly>>>what is this I'm seeing it everywhere?<<<omg XD>>>ne ne papa you can never escape

Hetalia ~ I feel for ya Poland, that is totally, like, an offensive pony!

I feel for ya Poland, that is totally, like, an offensive pony!<<< ahh Poland, you sure are a special child.

Prussia is right, Germany. Your 2P should be a stripper.

West and Gil. XD - Hetalia Germany and Prussia .Well then xD Although Gil does make a point xD << Can someone please draw Germany as a stripper?

「漫画」/「mis」の漫画 [pixiv] seriously muscular mochi, you're too hardcore

「漫画」/「mis」の漫画 [pixiv] seriously muscular mochi America, you're too hardcore

Funny! Until....you....reach....the end ....ing.....:'(

I was cracking up at Romanos and I was doing my mini fangirl dance at Germanys. but then I read HRE and Prussia, and it riped out my heart and smashed it into a million peices. I'm dying inside.<< ikr and South Korea's made me cry inside

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING - though this is hilarious, I still like that the hetalia revolutionary war gave a reasonable side to both America and England. A lot of times in the US you just get this version, which kinda warps your mind. Hetalia honestly gave me a sense of culture and made me think of what it would be like in someone else's shoes. For England, it did probably feel like this place he started and helped and supported was betraying him while America must have felt very left out.

more accurate depiction of the revolutionary war, hetalia style.