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The World - Alas Vegas Tarot by John Coulthart *** A final showgirl. The four playing card suits take the place of the four elements.

Back in February I bought a Wacom drawing tablet and said I'd show some proper results from its use later. For the past few months I've been working on this project using a combination of Wacom dra...

Strength - Alas Vegas Tarot by John Coulthart *** Another cabaret act although there are no many performing animals left since Montecore the tiger attacked Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy during a performance in Las Vegas.

THE LOVERS - Las Vegas Tarot

The Lovers - Alas Vegas Tarot by John Coulthart ***A wedding couple (as many married couples) in front of the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.

The Hermit - Tarot card art - hand pulled linoleum block print. $10.00, via Etsy.

The Hermit Tarot ~ Linocut, 5 x 8 inch ~ Neil Stavely ~ It represents reflection, retreat, solitude, inner search and also guidance.

Hierophant: Upright:  Traditions, rituals and ceremony.  Spiritual guidance.  Support and structure in your community.  A teacher.  Following the rules.  Following a leader.  Having faith.  Being a role model.  Asking the big questions about life and death.  Being in control over your emotions.  Reversed:  Corruption  Hypocrisy  Breaking the rules  /The Housewives Tarot/ by Paul Kepple card meaning: wiki tarot/tarotwikipedia

The Hierophant - The Housewive’s Tarot by Paul Kepple And Jude Buffum

日常をタロットカード風に表現する - デイリーポータルZ:@ nifty現代にマッチしすぎるタロットカード

日常をタロットカード風に表現する - デイリーポータルZ:@ nifty現代にマッチしすぎるタロットカード

But later he could not control the Chariot, his Tower collapsed and he fell…

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A Comparison between different interpretations of The Hierophant ...

A Comparison between different interpretations of The Hierophant, #5 in the Major Arcana