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A large selection of 42 vintage ads for computers from the past! Description from ufunk.net. I searched for this on bing.com/images

42 Vintage Ads for Computers from the past

The Honeywell Kitchen Computer, featured in the 1969 Neiman-Marcus catalog.

A Brief History of Cooking with Computers

Sex sells: Film character Elvira was recruited to depict a desktop as a chainsaw tearing apart the old ways of doing things in this bizarre 1991 advert

When computers were sexy: Hilarious vintage ads from the early days of the PC

Argus hand movie viewer, 1962

imperialgoogie: “ hollyhocksandtulips: “ Argus hand movie viewer, 1962 ” Every dirty movie director has to start somewhere.

Datacomp This Is A Computer Telex Operator - Mad Men Art: The 1891-1970 Vintage Advertisement Art Collection

Datacomp This Is A Computer Telex Operator - Mad Men Art: The Vintage Advertisement Art Collection


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