Polar Bear Behavior

Facts about Polar Bear Communication and Social Behavior. Polar Bears sounds and vocalizations.

Polar bear "Look what they left me to seat on !"

HELP SAVE THE POLAR BEARS! The polar ice caps are melting due to global warming and they are dying at a rapid rate! Help save them and do your part!

Go on little fella! With the encouragement of his mother, this little cub plays in the snow for the very first time as the family leaves their den in Wapusk National Park, Canada.

Polar Bear and cubs leave den - Photos - Polar bear and cubs emerge from their den

Shell plan to drill oil in the Arctic - and in doing so they run the risk of destroying the entire region, in the likely event of an unstoppable spill. Help save the Arctic - sign the petition by Greenpeace! http://www.savethearctic.org/


The dramatic change in weather not only affects humans but also animal do to the change in their environment and some animals are not able to adapt.