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juniperarts: “ Love this star boy ✨ Influenced a lot by sibylline_m on instagram ”

It kind of looks like someone drugged Lance and through him in space. (With an invisible helmit of course so he doesn't die.

But your idiot Keith

Read klance 11 from the story KLANCE PICTURES by gayshipsruinemylife with reads.

I will repin this until the day I day it is the single best thing I have ever seen every piece of it is perfect I want it to be real kill me plz

My goodness Keith<<<I don't know what to focus on! But I dont ship it

IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME GOOOOOOOOO i'm sorry<<<way to slide a panic lyric in there

Isn't this a scene in Harry Potter? Holy crap it is. << yep from Fantastic Beasts



Voltron: Legendary Defender

Lotor srsly sthap the paladins don't like you silly how were you expecting this to end well

Keith / Lance

I only see it developing as a brother/brother relationship and I like this comic

This is either Keith or Nico I'm gonna put it in both boards.

This is either Keith or Nico I'm gonna put it in both boards. ~~~~ it’s keith from voltron cuz he’s got the fingerless gloves and the longer mullet

Voltron: Legendary Defender *Keith*

come here my little space child *falils arms in attempt to hug*