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Hoya carnosa or wax plant, (Apocynaceae family). It is  native to Eastern Asia and Australia. The flowers are typically light pink, but may vary from near-white to dark pink; they are star-shaped, and are borne in clusters that look like tiny wax miniatures. The surface of the flowers are covered in tiny hairs giving a fuzzy sheen to them. They are heavily scented and may produce excess nectar that drips from the flowers.

Wax Plant (Hoya carnosa) This flower makes me very nostalgic of my childhood in my backyard.

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Hoya carnosa flowers, wax plant

Hoya carnosa flowers, wax plant

A red Hoya mindorensis Schltr. 1906 was the first waxflower of the Hoya mindorensis species, which has been found in the Philippines. Hoya mindorensis plants are available in several colors. The beautiful flower balls get a size of about 10 cm in diameter.

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