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If Aphrodite did that, Annabeth( and Percy) would hunt her down and drain her of her ichor. Sometimes I just hate APHRODITE! Ughhh if she did that I would drain her of her ichor.


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Even the god of the dead ships Solangelo I think that makes it the official otp I love how hades is starting to take care and be closer to nico

Because she's a crazy warrior lady.

your mom is probably gonna kill them all because she's a crazy warrior lady." So I guess annabeth is now a crazy warrior lady 😂

I wasn't going to repin this but then I thought, you know it's a good thing she didn't tell where their first kiss was!

Then Percy knocks on the window and all of the girls turned and looked. Annabeth ran over to the window and opened it. Then Percy jumped into the room ' Wise girl' 'Percy!' Asked Marie.