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This is awesome. IF I HAD ONE by KuchenKAT.deviantart.com+on+@deviantART #loz legened_of_zelda #ganondorf #fairly_odd_parents #meme

kuchenkat: “And this is where my Triforce would be!IF I HAD ONE!”Friend told me to draw this and my my it turned out very silly.

The best face from Wind Waker

Wind Waker Toon Link face - I loves the faces Toon Link uses to express himself

Zelda: Replaced by AmukaUroy on DeviantArt Like this.

Zelda: Replaced by on deviantART Very funny and addresses an issue I've always wondered about in Ocarina of Time.Methinks Navi is jealous.

Midna would do something like that -- Twilight Princess

When I first found this, I immediately continued my TP game for another day and when I encountered the mail guy for the first time, I cracked up.


okay this one is funny i love comics trips that have an unexpected ending Who loves Zelda and which game did u like in the series?