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All diese Welten...Astrid Lindgren, Charles Dickens, Otfried Preußler, Tomi Ungerer...

This summer - keep them reading! Books open the imagination and make time fly. Read to your kids, and help them love books, and they'll beg to read on their own.

Reading the funny papers

wordpainting: arabamolsamontgiymezdim: Antoni Arissa Start ‘em young and they’ll love reading the rest of their lives.

books ~vintage by beth.armsheimer

books ~vintage by beth. This would have been something my book loving son would have done.

Palermo, Italy 1971 Photographer: Henri Cartier- Bresson

Moment In Time: Palermo, Italy 1971

Very special, this!  ::::::::: Vintage Photograph :::::::::   Together in love always

lostonthemountain: Romualdas Požerskis, Lithuanian Pilgrimages,... (Think North)

♂ black & white grow old together couple kiss Romualdas Požerskis, Lithuanian Pilgrimages, Pavandene, 1978

Girls Jump Rope in Zennor Road ~ Lambeth, London

Ropes - not just for skipping, we competed to jump the highest, to limbo the lowest, we tried to lasso each other and played tug of war. So much fun from 1 length of old washing line. Girls Jump Rope in Zennor Road ~ Lambeth, London

Alberto Korda. Cuban Photographer (1928 - 2001) Cuba Debate.cu

Alberto Korda - La Nina de la Muneca de Palo (Girl with a Wooden Doll) La Havana, Cuba, Infor from original pin below Little girl in Cuba taken in 1955 by the famous Cuban photographer Korda. The piece of wood is her "doll".

Gallery: Shirley Baker, who died recently, documented everyday life in the UK with a fond eye, turning prosaic scenes in slums and seasides into quietly romantic images. Here is a selection of her finest work

Laughter in the slums: the best work of street photographer Shirley Baker – in pictures

Shirley Baker - Two young girls swing on a rope attached to a pavement lamppost outside a corner shop in Hulme, Manchester, 1965