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Tree carvings

The spirit of the trees… Cool to have in the playground trees

5 x 8 imprimer  carte d'Art esprit arbre femme par ShapingSpirit

5 x 8 Print - Art Card, The Sacred Seed, Driftwood Sculpture by Debra Bernier I love how these sculptures are created in nature and are still apart of the tree. I would love to run across one of these. It makes it look as if these are real wood spirits.

What Lies Within Fantasy Tree Spirit Fairy Forest by ShapingSpirit

What Lies Within, Fantasy Tree Spirit, Fairy Forest Queen with Shells, Crystals and Seeds


Tapio Tapio, the lord of the forest, son of Louhi, father of the seeda, immortal among his mortal kin. In the early days of the world he hunted down the fearsome Elk of Tuonela and still wears its.