Leonard Cohen:  'ring the bells that still can ring / forget your perfect offering / there is a crack in everything / that's how the light gets in'

RIP Leonard Cohen ”Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.

Leonard Cohen at home, Los Angeles, September, 2016 Photograph by Graeme Mitchell for The New Yorker

Wonderful portrait of L. Cohen in the New Yorker: Dylan said he was the number one…but adding that he was number zero:) Which comes before one, right? For me it’s Leonard, no doubt. (à Roissy)

There is a Crack in Everything, that's how the Light gets in ...

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Anton Corbijn Joy Division. London (1979)

joy division photographed at lancaster gate tube by anton corbijn. in the dutch photographer directed a biopic of their lead singer, the late ian curtis, [original] © anton corbijn [website], from london. portrait of a city.

Leonard Cohen • La poesia è la prova della vita. Se la tua vita arde, la poesia è la cenere.

"C'è una crepa in ogni cosa. Ed è da lì che entra la luce" (Leonard Cohen)

1967 - Joni Mitchell & Leonard Cohen

Two Canadian legends: Joni Mitchell hugging Leonard Cohen. This photo of Joni Mitchell hugging Leonard Cohen was taken in

Just Leonard and Nick…

A painting of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave by Australian artist Ben Smith titled “The Influence: Leonard Cohen consoles Nick Cave”: Leonard pours out the wine of blood and the fruit of knowledge (apple.