Final Fantasy IX

:d adelbert steiner aqua eyes armor arms behind back belt black eyes blonde hair blue eyes blush boots bow brown eyes brown hair burmecian crossed arms crossed legs (standing) earrings eiko carol everyone feathers final fantasy final fantasy ix freij

Final Fantasy IX

I feel like when I make Rinoa's Vivi costume, I'm obligated to dress as Dagger Best Video Game EVAR - Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy 9. Heros of Gaia by Rueme

Final Fantasy Heros of Gaia by Rueme

Games teaching us philosophy

Games teaching us philosophy

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things i don't have words for

As cool as Squall's normal costume is,it would have been nice to be able to use his SeeD uniform for more than just one tiny portion of the game.And there weren't even any battles in said small portion.

FFIX group

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