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“do not tell me bangtan actually has planned every single song for their comeback in the next century ”

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i remember liking them before they were popular and now its so cool seeing how far they have come

I have proud mom feelings right now<<I'm not crying that's a Tyler Joseph in my eye

Star Lord Leather Jacket From Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Just because I play the piano doesn't mean I'm not willing to take you down. I'm sorry. ~Tyler Joseph

~Tyler Joseph<<coconut coconut sHARKS IN THE WATER wait the lyrics are written with comic sans are you serious

me at 3am....

SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK - - - twenty one pilots // skeleton clique // guns for hands // then you're supposed to fight to stay alive/fight off your demons and insecurities!

Anyone who listens to TØP most likely knows that feeling

I'M NOT OKAY I'M NOT OKAYYYYYY<<<as much as I love that's song (well if you wanted honesty that's all you had to sayyy) but this is a tøp meme therefore you point is invalid