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Normannikilpi ristivahvikkeella

Norman Shield- could be used by infantry , but especially favored by cavalry because it protected both horse and rider from missile fire.

Ancient Viking Rune Stone Lunar Calendar 1000 AD Norway

Ancient lunar calendar carved on a Viking rune stone, Norway, 1000 AD

Norman Shield with Steel Cross

Norman Shield with Steel Cross

Larp Giant Viking Shield

Made more for a giant than a man this huge shield bears iron banding and a thick wooden construction, while most struggle to lift the thing those few large warriors who can gain the advantage of a shield capable of a good bashing power along with incredib

restaurador libre de Maximiliano Bertet - armamento

restaurador libre de Maximiliano Bertet - armamento

Escudos de tipo normando - ¿Autor?

angle's shield bearing my coat of arms.



tarcza z herbem wielkiego mistrza - Warszawa - Muzeum Wojska Polskiego

Tarcza z herbem wielkiego mistrza (Shield with the coat of arms of the Grand Master) - Warszawa - Muzeum Wojska Polskiego


God can shield us when people are harmed.

Norse shield patterns. Image source: www.pinterest.com

Shield patterns for Saxon / Vikings?