Percassy Jackson (side note: I am looking at Percabeth pictures and I was listening to You & I by one direction)

Love you Rick

It’s amazing that there can be this much representation in a mainstream series. Usually popular books are as white as the paper they’re printed on, but these books represent so many groups it’s beautiful

pjo, tkc, mc, magnuschase

Magnus Chase is a warrior now. Carter and Sadie are now handling the other Egyptian problems. Percy is just trying to live.

Sally: of course I don't blame you, Annabeth dear. You two: grounded. And when I say grounded, I mean GROUNDed. Me: BUT MO- Sally: DON'T MOM ME MISSY! NO COOKIES FOR A MONTH! Me and Percy: NOOOOOOOOOOO..

SO ACCURATE. and I love how Sally is the biggest Percabeth shipper! Harry Potter, Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus crossover

treat sally well or you will turn into a beautiful sculpture that percy and sally will get rich off of

“Honestly Percy so insensitive”

“Honestly Percy so insensitive”

plus more amusing asl

plus more amusing asl << and a clue that Sam likes Magnus because I've shipped them ever since he said she looked cute owo<<<< she's engaged and loves her groom, fierrochase