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Let's hug Loki by ~johanirae on deviantART... If no one is hugging the real dude I will take him gladly :)

the difference between Loki and Tom Hiddleston. OMG this is epic and so true, fan girls need to realize Loki is bad!


I would love to chain him myself *wink wink* Loki - Thor 2

Tom Hiddlesron

Tom Hiddlesron

Everyone, Let me introduce you to Master Tom Hiddleston, hold the appause...OK long enough,  resume.

Tom Hiddleston has a hawk...

Tom Hiddleston - I'm actually not a fan of this photoshoot. I don't like the outfits, nor do I like the way they have him lit, etc. But the hawk cracks me up. "Hello, I'm Tom. I have a hawk on my arm. Your argument is invalid.

bt first look at that super awesome ""bad guy"""

I fall for the actor that plays Loki. But not for Loki. I'll stick with Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawk Eye and The Hulk :D