Rafael Nadal - handsome man, indeed

Rafael Nadal photo: Credits AP/ATP/Reuters/AFP/GettyImages This photo was uploaded by Actu-Tennis

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“Rafa Nadal at the inauguration on Pista Rafa Nadal in Barcelona (via Tanika) ”

loveequalsnothing: “Rafa Nadal at the inauguration on Pista Rafa Nadal in Barcelona (via Tanika) ”

Rafa Nadal...This guy is a tennis great! I love watching him and Federer battle out on the court. I love playing tennis, but it doesn't love me very much...I wish I was good at it.

Happy Birthday: Rafael Nadal 1986 - Rafael “Rafa” Nadal Parera is a Spanish professional tennis player and a former World No.


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Novak Djokovic

Serbian Novak Djokovic proves guys are flexible. Is this an optical illusion?

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Rafael Nadal-best tennis player in the world :)

Rafael Nadal is a Spanish tennis player, who has consistently ranked within the top two in the world. Nadal was born in Mallorca (an island just off the Spanish mainland) in June He played both tennis and football as a child,

Rafa. What a smile!

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