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God's beautiful creatures!

The smallest flower is a thought, a life answering to some feature of the Great Whole, of whom they have a persistent intuition. Deer in a meadow

A mother deer(doe) leave their baby throughout the day because the fawn is born without scent, since the fawns only defense are it's markings; to blend in with the dappled light of the forest floor.

Mushroom of love by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza on 500px

Mushroom of Love. Two snails seem to kiss on a mushroom. Viadana, Italy by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza

{Trivia}: Ancient fairy tales have long used white stags as mystical guides for the story's heroes. My Storybook Land board features many lavish illustrations from such a tale, which is ironically called, The White Stag.

I noticed that there is a white stag near the end of the old script, I'm not sure we're gonna cancel that out or not.

Pipsqueak by Julian Rad

That smells nice! The squirrel stands up on its hind legs, grasping the stem with its paws, and takes a sniff of the daisies. The moment was captured as the inquisitive squirrel scampered across a field in Vienna, Austria

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adorable Baby Sheep baby rhino Good Morning Kiss Whitetail Deer Doe and Fawn by NatureIsArt

Awww. They're so gawky at this age! From your friends here on the coast of Maine - SuperHumanToothSoap.com

An entry from Chimney Smoke

Moose moose baby - Munich Zoo Hellabrunn has 3 moose calves! *GASP* I just love moose! They are so adorable!