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Awww his face when Michael said that MALUM is real don't fight me on this

Looks like when Laurie blurted out "It's not like you're her boyfriend!" Are you sure Hadley isn't dating Noel .....Are. You. Sure.

Fake person: I love five ehs oh ess Me: name a song that ISN'T on their album Fake fan: uhm Me: *le makes Calum face*

5SOS goss game - best quote ever - Sugarscape.com. My favorite pickup line ever!!!

goss game - best quote ever - Luke is just like "I'm done with this band" Ash can't believe Mike just said that and Calum is like "ya that's a good one"

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have you always been this sassy? >>> this is literally the cutest thing I've seen all day...

*Luke tries to talk* (Michael) no mine Gahh he's so adorable


tbh I think people say that when they've known each other for a long time because there is just too much to say

They aren't even being low key anout it tho

Shame on you CAKE! I swear I'll kick both of you in the balls if I you guys do that one more time Calum's face tho 😂😏

Calum and Michael...can i just say i love mikey and his dark hair

my favorite malum picture for sure! I miss michaels dark hair! >> very adorable- sorry I mean punk >>> The peacock hair was one of my favs