36" German Twig Tree

36" German Twig Tree

The German Twig Tree is a primitive evergreen with posable handwrapped branches and rustic twigs peeking out. It is 5 ft.

As Cosy As Can Be

SEASONAL – CHRISTMAS – the magic of the holiday makes another appearance in an adorable presentation of holiday decor, such as this primitive christmas swag with candle and holder.

Logs, pine cones and greenery...Have an old 5 gallon crock...hummm

Porch Decorating Ideas ~ Natural front porch decor idea using "vintage" crate, logs, greenery and pinecones. add branch lights for a little shine!

Christmas tree in vintage wire basket!

SEASONAL – Tree In An Old Egg Basket.Musings From A French Cottage, Christmas Around the House. I would find a way to prop the tree higher in the basket, personally