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Fakemon Pokemon Chelonite and Galaxagos- If anyone knows the artist, their name and a link would be appreciated

Evolutive Chain Of Ninshade by Random1500

left-right: ninshade (fight) nintzu (fight/dark) tsuray (fight/dark) Evolutive Chain Of Ninshade

Old version: #??? Gremin Name: Gremin (Grit + Gremlin + Sandman (all of these sort of distorted)) Species: Grit Pokemon Type: Fairy / Ground Ability: Sand Stream / Ins...

Old version: Gremin Name: Gremin (Grit + Gremlin + Sandman (all of these sort of distorted)) Species: Grit Pokemon Type: Fairy / Ground Ability: Sand Stream / Ins.

#007 Suriqua by DiegoGuilherme

#007 Suriqua by DiegoGuilherme

145: Tipsillar by LuisBrain.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Can we get a Fakemon Thread? - "/vp/ - Pokémon" is imageboard dedicated to discussing the Pokémon series of video games and shows.

FSBF#104 ARCHMONY by cscdgnpry on DeviantArt

The last and Final pokemon in the Soviapolis Pokedex! More info coming shortly.

Evolutive Chain Of Smalong by Random1500.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

up-down: smalong (bug) phobitank (bug/dark) Evolutive Chain Of Smalong