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Hugo Boss, the designer for the nazi uniforms in the 30's and 40's. After the war they paid a 100.000 fine.

Hugo Boss, the designer for the nazi uniforms in the 30's and 40's. After the war they paid a 100.000 fine.

" Hugo Boss " , - the designer for brown shirts uniforms in the , and the manufacture of uniforms designed for nazi`s in the They used jewish slave labor in factory. - After the war they paid a fine .

Young men of the Volkssturm who fought during the Battle of Berlin

Young German Soldiers Captured in Berlin, 1945 by Unknown Artist

Let's Put Everything Into This Drive! #wwii #vintage #poster #golf

Let's Put Everything Into This Drive

US WWII Fore! It's an all-out drive to keep 'em firing! Take a swing a Hitler. Motivational poster from the General Motors Corporation Oldsmobile Division during WWII, Vintage WWII poster.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania ein volk ein reich ein führer

Previously I provided the World War 2 propaganda posters of the United States. Now I present Nazi Propaganda Posters.

During the end of days of WW11 War criminals were secreted out of their respective countries & relocated to various parts of the world via a ‘ratline’ organised by the Roman Catholic Church & funded by the Vatican bank, officially known as the Institute for Religious Works.  Established in 1941 by Pius XII or Hitler’s Pope, the Institute for Religious Works became the bank of choice for Italian fascists, the aristocracy & the Mafia.

Greeting a Catholic Prelate: Hitler had a tense relationship with the Roman Catholic Church. Hitler claimed to be a Christian - that was a lie. He used the weak (socially) "religious" leaders to control the churches then turned on them later.

Corpo de um soldado alemão congelado colocado de cabeça para baixo pelos soviéticos com objetivo de baixar o moral dos outros soldados alemães, durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, em 1942.

The frozen body of a dead German soldier is used as a signpost. Eastern Front, c. 1942 "In Soviet Russia, The Sign Post You!

A photo of Jewish women prisoners at the Auschwitz extermination camp in 1944. Most Jews were killed upon arrival. The others were used as forced labor, starved, & brutally mistreated till death.

Exhibit examines medical horrors of Holocaust : Lifestyles

Hitler "Death Head" Stamp - "Operation Cornflakes", a World War II Office of Strategic Services PSYOP mission in 1944 & 45 involved tricking the German P O into inadvertently delivering anti-Nazi propaganda to German citizens through the mail. The content of the mail often included copies of "Das Neue Deutschland", the Allies' German language propaganda news sheet, along with this "stamp". "Futsches Reich" translated: lost, destroyed, or collapsed empire.

“Deaths Head” Hitler Postage Stamp “Operation Cornflakes was a mission to trick the German postal service into inadvertently delivering anti-Nazi propaganda to German citizens.

The British Army in the Normandy Campaign 1944 B7674 - Category:World War II forces of Britain in France - Wikimedia Commons

German soldier smiling at the camera after being captured during Operation Goodwood Normandy July 1944

THIS is what comes of allowing the Government to make decisions for our children rather than US! ... Think about all the times over the past decade you've heard things like "it takes a village" ... "we have to get out of the mind set of parents owning their children" ... govt controlling what children eat, drink, do, etc. WAKE UP BEFORE this happens again People!

Determined youth for the future - Poor boys their great General, Adolf Hitler was a madman who thought he was God, but disguised as Lucifer.

Nazi civilian killings in Yugoslavia

War crimes,WWII : A German army officer delivers finishing shots to executed hostages in Pancevo, Yugoslavia. Contrary to postwar claims, the regular German army was as deeply involved in the death of civilians as the SS and other murderer formations.