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A quick render (made by someone else, spAce) of the Trident-class Battleship, which I& just finished modelling for the upcomming space-based MMO, Infinity - The Quest for Earth.

JUNO SV-7. Science Vessel

bell jars contain the rare elements Spamcake, Clikitonium, and Spruenezium

Was passiert, wenn ein Destiny-Fan ebenfalls ein LEGO-Fan ist? Ganz eindeutig: Er baut sich eine exotische Waffe aus Destiny mit LEGO detailtreu nach.

This is Destiny’s MIDA Multi-tool Scout Rifle. Elliott Feldman spent a few months building it, and he’s done a hell of a job.

IMG_0620 | by vikingforhire

IMG_0620 | by vikingforhire