Well, it'll be difficult to climb all the way to a satellite to save Cress, The Lunar Chronicles's Rapunzel...

Tangled-Rapunzel tells us one thing about love, climbing the highest tower becomes less difficult if someone at the end gives you a reason to hold on.

Tangled. Awwww, love how Eugene is standing off in the back there. And Rapunzel's face!!!! Almost indescribable.

I love this part because of the similarities between all of them. Rapunzel and the queen both have the same look on their faces and the same thing goes for Eugene and the king. Thank you, previous pinner!


Disney challenge day 26 - most magical moment - Tangled, when Rapunzel and Flynn are in the boat with the lanterns

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Everyone thinks Tangled is dead but I don't think it will go away, just like every other Disney Princess before. Disney Princesses will continue to come, but true Disney lovers will not let any of them go away.