The boys are scared, and Wendy's just like, "Nope."

wendy, john, michael, and the lost boys tied up on captain hook's ship.

disney fanart

*MICHAEL & WENDY ~ Peter Pan, 1953 this would be adorable for a shared room (M.Cheatwood) this reminds me of Whitney and Tysen!

Wendy Darling

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...shaDow... Peter Pan... Disney...

You can't stick in on with soap Peter! As a kid I thought it was glue. Personally I think soap should work I love his logic

Wendy Darling, the Girl Who Believed | Disney's Peter Pan

Hey all you magical people! I got a request from ashley/ariel/wendy/megara asking if I could do a How To Get The Guy Disney Style: Wendy and the answer is.

take me to never land <3

I heard a story that Peter pans takes all the babies and children that pass away to neverland. Not sure if I like Peter Pan so much anymore.

Wendy Petter Pan

Wendy run away with me I know I sound crazy Don’t you see what you do to me? I wanna be your lost boy Your last chance, a better reality -All Time Low

Based on your reaction to the most heart wrenching Disney moments of all time!

What Type Of Person Are You According To Disney?    Walt Disney Peter Pan

"Now you wouldn't do old Hooky now would you?" -Peter Pan "I'm a CODFISH!