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I really don't like not knowing either.

Ah the parallels between Sherlock and Doctor Who - understandable since Moffet is in charge of both.//well, to be fair, the writer is same.

Don't blunk. Blink, blunkity, blunked. dead.

Blunk and you're dead. Weeping angels should go to Doctor Who and Benedict should go to Sherlock?

I love all these things about the props and wardrobe and sets being reused on other shows. It's like easter eggs! And it's not at all a bad thing. I enhances rather than takes away from the viewing pleasure.

The BBC, ladies and gentlemen.<-- Am I the only one that thinks, if there is ever a special where this happens, that Peter NEEDS to play old Sherlock! But I would love the Doctor to meet Sherlock<---they need to make a SuperWhoLock TV show

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Sherlock: I take the precaution of a good coat and a short friend.😁 John: 😐😐😐 "why did I leave the shire"

We were all thinking how accurate this was when we watched this episode.

Matt smith originally auditioned for the role of sherlock in the BBC show, but Benedict cumberbatch was chosen over him. But Steven liked his acting so much he promised him a role in one of his shows. That show was doctor who.

James Moriarty everyone. I die every time I see this.

I put the fun in funeral. I put the laughter in manslaughter. I put the hit in psychotic.

What Color are Benedict Cumberbatch's Eyes?

What Color are Benedict Cumberbatch's Eyes?

Funny pictures about The color of the ocean. Oh, and cool pics about The color of the ocean. Also, The color of the ocean.

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Molly as a companion, awwww<<imagine Sherlock as the doctor <<< No, then it'd be Martha and the Doctor all over again. Imagine it as Molly and The Doctor.