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they're always hot too like every time these people are my favorite

33 Things You'll Only Understand If You're In Fandom>>>>>>> this is everyone in the creepypasta fandom XD

Someone watches Doctor Who, but they don't SEE Doctor Who

supernatural avengers doctor who sherlock star trek the hobbit lord of the rings harry potter percy jackson nicholas flamel tom Hiddleston everything. If you're going to be a geek. Be a GEEK

One of the best scenes!

Sherlock 'calling' the police. It would be a lot quicker to do it that way! Hahaha in my country the police will not arrive.NEVER xD

We would fangirl so hard that the world wouldn't be able to handle it. BOOM. No more things.

LOL. Look at this

I'm pretty sure if Dean kissed Cas I would explode from happiness ****If Sherlock kissed John

The first rule of watching The Blind Banker is to never speak of The Blind Banker.

Never trust a Sherlockian who says the Blind Banker is their favorite episode. <<< Blind Banker is my favorite episode.

I had to laugh at this one

When Mrs. Hudson knock-knocked it out of the park. So yeah, laughed so hard at this one.

#fandom #lovelikenoother

I never really cried for fictional characters. My first actual tears over a fictional character was last year when I read the maze runner for chucks death :/