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il mio primo (e per ora unico) lancio.

il mio primo (e per ora unico) lancio.

Oh no I don't have one.... What is this madnessss? just don't pay attention to these pictures.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

20 Things I Wish I Knew Freshman Year

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Especially the tendency to laugh at almost everything. I do that. A lot. And I tend to make stupid jokes and I do have some weirdness.

The True Meaning Of Friendship

I can't date you if you can't handle my weirdness, sarcasm, stupid jokes and my tendency to laugh at almost everything. Except that last bit I'm not usually bad about particularly, but that's just me.

story of my life!!!!!!! especially piano. or drawing. or baking. or running. basically everything.

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So true! Even on the piano!

"My life is basically me debating which book to read next."

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"My life is basically me debating which book to read n

"You're one of those people who make my life better just by being in it."

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Here are just a few times I clearly and wholeheartedly didn’t give a f*ck, and how it damn near ruined my life...

9 Times Not Giving A F*ck Seriously F*cked Me Over

Oh fuck. This is so fucking true. What the fuck. I can't even fucking believe it. Did you fucking know that whats in the fucking brackets is part of the fucking phonetic alphabet? Well fuck yeah it is. In conclusion, FUCK.

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Inspirational Quotes

50 Powerful Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

"But most of all I'm afraid of walking out and never feeling in my whole life the way I feel ... when I'm with you."

A List of the 25 Best Romantic Movies

Dirty Dancing - Time of my Life (Final Dance) - High Quality.final dance after ceremony.

This is what every girl should be like. Not self conscious and not being what others want her to be. >>>>>>>> I disagree just slightly. Girls should be who they want to be. If that's being girly, do it. If you want to be a tomboy, go for it. However, just be confident in yourself and have no shame because of who you are.

My Favorite Quotes #18

Not at all like me but power to any girl. I wear skinny jeans and makeup, but that doesn't matter. It is my choice. Every girl is beautiful.<<< Yeah, I only wear makeup when I'm bored, I can't wear skinny jeans cause my legs are too long