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Born winner!

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This is so true and you know, that reminds me of a story that I've never shared with anyone before--OH LOOK A SQUIRREL.

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Very true!!!

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Gem love... damn scary this image explained my mind throughly.

Gemini and Relationships This is so accurate, especially for me. This is probably why I don't have a boyfriend at the moment.

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I'm an ambivert, so I sometimes like being alone, but being confined and repetition/routine is the literal worst.


crazy but true if I find out I'm only second I lose interest and stop caring to the slightest.

I used to think that I was weird to be able to think about and jump from idea to completely different idea! Apparently - I'm not alone lol!

I personally hate how one idea leads to another which leads to ten things that were never related to what I was thinking about five minutes ago.

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This is soooo true! I can sense what someone is feeling a lot of the time, and I sense what is happening and if it's over text, I get a gut feeling!

You're pretty dumb if you ruin any type relationship with a gemini...they are loyal til the end.

Don't choose me if your going to break things off because apperently u can't get free of me.


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Unfortunately, that's an incredibly accurate description when you stab us in the back!