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Octo-Print, A Thumbprint T-Shirt Design Created Using Octopus Arms

CONTROLLING THE BRAIN WITH LIGHT: "...The brain is an intricate system in which tens of billions of intertwined neurons—with multitudinous distinct characteristics and wiring patterns—exchange precisely timed, millisecond-scale electrical signals and a rich diversity of biochemical messengers..."

Inside the Brain of a Leader Can neurological rewiring boost leadership skills?

AMAZING. I would buy literally every one if I had an endless supply of money.  made by Cheryl Sorg: http://www.etsy.com/shop/cherylsorg

Personalized Thumbprint Art

neon hearts by The Sugar Monster, via Flickr

Neon Love --- These hot pink neon heart lights really bring the spirit and fun of Valentine's Day!


Neon Signs Prices start at 89 99 The stock image of Hong Kong is populated with neon signs Also provides window

Neon bouquet

Flexible Neon Wire (Electroluminescent wire,cool Lighting,EL wire, glow stick rope) made in KPT company