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Its not like I'd die if thus happened or anything

Yeaaaaah definitely noooot ---> It's not like I'd die if this happened or anything

Credits on ig: maruvieku

Credits on ig: maruvieku

You two... Doing da shame shame

i am not so into this kind of pic. But it's funny as hell.

Princess and the Chat by PeruGirl199<<< love the crossover

Princess and the Chat by on DeviantArt - Miraculous/Princess and the Frog - Cat Noir and Ladybug

TIEMPO SIN VERNOS TAT!!! Como muchos sabeis en tumblr, mi adicción a Ladybug ha subido considerablemente .___. Tengo tiempo sin dibujar a mis bebes de Free Y como habeis visto en muchas...

I usually don't get emotional by these things but this made my heart beat.