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''Is this for real,or should I lay off the catnip?''

Kitty and Fay. This is one thing kitty is not going to try and play with!

Sea Horse

Not all winged horses are Pegasus. Pegasus is not a breed or species. Pegasus is just a single instance of a winged-horse.

The real success is that of the heart

The Real Success is that of the Heart, a Medicine Woman by Caroline Manière

Pegasus Rearing

In Greek mythology, Pegasus (Πήγασος, Pégasos) was a winged horse sired by Poseidon, in his role as horse-god, and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa.

#BuenosDías sólo aquellos que creen en la #magia la encuentran

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Resources and Credits Model Fairy S - 15 with thanks to Marcus Ranum Kitten with thanks to Jelle Boontje (Stockxchng) Fireflies on Aqua Texture with thanks to Parée Erica Blue Fairy Wings by jinxMi.

Wish i had a dress like  that.  i WOULD wear dresses

The Celtic Goddess Rhiannon. The name Rhiannon, literally means ‘Great Queen’. She is the goddess of the moon, horses, birds, and inspiration

“The light of love, the purity of grace, The mind, the Music breathing from her face, The heart whose softness harmonised the whole — And, oh! that eye was in itself a Soul!” ~ George Gordon Byron  Artist~Linda Bergkvist. Pinned by www.drmelindadouglass.com | #Love #Poem

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