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Mamma Ewe with her Triplet lambs

Sheep: "Triplet Lambs With Mom." This is just amazing - three little lambs with their proud mother!


I can't resist black-faced sheep (bonus points for horns) with stone walls nearby. Reminds me of Billy Goat's Gruff!

I miss the sheepies at Doubting Thomas Farms.

Sheep in mist. For all the muddy, misty walks ive ever taken. And picking wisps of wool from brambles and keeping it in little wooden match boxes. And the easter holiday on the farm in dorset when i was 7 or

Cuteness Overload

I interrupt your browsing to bring you a picture of a smiling lamb in a pet carrier.

Momma Sheep and sweet lamb from The Reluctant Paladin

(KO) Sweet mama and baby sheep. Anyone who thinks that animals don't feel love for other animals need to see this pin. So sweet.

Kjeragbolten, Kjerag  N  , Norway

Goat for real? This is Kjeragbolten; a boulder wedged between two rock faces that are 2 metres apart in Norway. It is believed that the boulder got stuck there during the last ice age.