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SHINee's manager,everyone XD | allkpop Meme Center This is the best thing ever!

SHINee ask their manager to take a heart picture for A-Pink Naeun but it end up with a cutie selfie from their manager LoL

Hahahahahahahahahhaahahahahaaaaaaa (you're kidding, guys, right???!!!!!)  XD

I love the look Onew and Jong share before answering lol

pls u gay little--

Then again SHINee launched Jonghyun out of the closet in a gay shaped rocket and Heechul is just obvious.

evil Kai and clueless Taemin

Kai tricking Taemin in their game~ pretty smart strategy haha

I always laugh when ever i see this post. I just imagine with a fake accent and smile with a calm voice while this for some reason? I dunno

ok Shinee Exo supporting each other is the most adorable thing honestly

Minho/?. Kyuhyun/Minho/Changmin. Minho/Changmin. Nichkhun/Minho. Jonghyun. ~~~ HAHahaha Poor #Jonghyun, you jelly? hehee #Minho #hyung

Minho Hyung-whore>>>why do i find this so funny? Uggh i need to sleep